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Letter from the Chairman

Mr. Igor Vdovin Welcome to the website of the National Agency for Direct Investment (NADI).   NADI was founded in 2001 to promote and facilitate investment in Russia, providing a one-stop shop for business development and investment services to both Russian & international firms & organizations.

Investment is a critical factor for economic growth.  Recent reforms have created favorable conditions for business development and attracting investment into the Russian economy.  We understand, that, in spite of significant changes in the Russian economy, the development of business in Russia is often hampered by various issues, such as problems in sourcing accurate information, lack of financial transparency in business and difficulties in undertaking proper due diligence, limited managerial capabilities of domestic firms, and language and cultural barriers.

We understand these issues, and are here to help you make a success of your business in Russia. NADI is a one-stop shop, offering a range of services from market research, and opportunity scan through to corporate finance & legal and tax assistance.

The Agency actively cooperates with governmental bodies, regional administrations, Russian and foreign companies, and with international financial organizations. The Agencys activities are supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Chamber of Trade & Industry, as well as regional Chambers of Commerce.

We are open to cooperation with all interested parties and trust that this website will go some way towards furthering this aim.

We hope you enjoy learning more about NADI and how we can help your organization do business in Russia.  If you have any questions regarding NADI, the investment environment or business opportunities available in Russia, please contact us we will be pleased to advise you.

With best wishes,

I.A. Vdovin


Tel.: +7(499) 968-3825

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